Mediterranean Network for the Integration of Migrants

The aim of the current project is the creation, activation and support of a cooperation network between public agencies (who are responsible for the development and implementation of migration and integration policies), academic and research institutions (Universities, Research Centers, etc.) and civil society organizations (NGOs, migrant associations etc.) between European member states and more particularly the following countries: Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Malta.

Among the targets of the project are:

  • Registering innovative policies implemented in Mediterranean member states.
  • The Evaluation of cooperation forms among the stakeholders activated in the field of integration of third country nationals.
  • The Diffusion of best practices of involved stakeholders for the effective management of the migratory phenomenon.
  • The Implementation of a best practice through the collaboration of some, or all, participating institutions in the project in one of the aforementioned fields of migrant integration in the receiving society.

Last but not least, the Expected Achievements of the project are:

  • The setting up of a network at the level of the Mediterranean member states in order to facilitate communication between public institutions, civil society organizations and stakeholder that are designing and implementing migration policies
  • The possibility of transferring innovative policies, best practices and cooperation forms, comprehending – at the same time – the reasons for their success and/or the difficulties for obtaining the appropriate policies and practices for migrant integration
  • The exploitation of the available and implemented policy tools and the enhancement of cooperation forms between the concerned stakeholders in view of improving migrants’ integration in Greece